Allison DOC Full Version v2019.1+ Gen 5 Data Files With Programming with keygen

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Universal Allison DOC Full Version v2019.1+ Gen 5 Data Files With Programming with keygen

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Universal Allison Doc Full Version v2021.4+ Gen5 Data Files With Programming

The Allison DOC (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) For PC–Service Tool is a diagnostic system designed for use with Allison’s 3000/4000 Product Families transmissions, 1000/2000 Product Families transmissions, and transmissions using CEC3/CEC2/CEC1 controls.

This product is a full licensed copy and does not require an existing version license to activate.

Provides convenient installation for any computer with DVD drive. A NEW License will be shipped with your DVD.

New Features and Enhancements included with V2021.4

The Allison DOC® V2021.1 Subscription update includes the following new features/functions:
• Adds basic support of Allison 6th Gen Controls hardware and software ahead of full production
• Adds interfaces for Allison’s Product Cybersecurity System (PCS)
• “Display J1939 Data” is enabled for 4th Gen and later 1000 Series™, 2000 Series™, 3000 Series™,
4000 Series™ and TC10® Product Family transmission connections

New Features and Enhancements included in V2020.4 also contents 2021/12 GEN5 files:
Ability to auto-try channels (5th Gen / Type-2 vehicle connections) for OEMs who have wired the TCM diagnostics to CAN 2 or CAN 3
Ability to find the correct CAN data bus for diagnostics
Eliminates the need for OEM specific cross-over cables
Ability to select the channel for Data Bus Viewer
Allows reprogramming of DYNAMIC SHIFT SENSING: Custom Breakpoint Setting
Allows reprogramming of RETARDER: Use Accumulator
Allows reprogramming of SHIFT SELECTORS: Preselect Time Out with password from Allison TAC
Allows reprogramming of SHIFT SELECTORS: Preselect Time Out Duration and Range when SHIFT SELECTORS: Preselect Time Out is Enabled
Adds Troubleshooting Manual for Off-Highway CEC5

Also, when purchasing this product you get:
Security measures to control reprogramming TCM/ECU parameters
Integrated Help with training videos
Diagnostic Trouble Code information with a direct link to Troubleshooting Manuals for CEC2/CEC3/CEC5, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 and TC10 Product Families
A demo mode using prerecorded data
SmartConnect for detecting the PC-to-vehicle translation device and communication link
Communication troubleshooting wizard for those cases where the tool is unable to connect to a control module.

Full administrative privileges are required to install, use, the update Allison DOC® Premium, but don’t worry we provide after-sales service and support. Our managers to help you.

Selecting Jl 708 as the protocol (used on WTEC2, WTEC3 and CEC2 TCMs) while
physically connected to a later model TCM may cause errors, including trouble
codes, on the vehicle. Technicians who are not sure of the correct protocol, should
select ‘SmartConnect’ or try JI 708 last
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